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Black Label aims for top quality!

From the start of 2016 ‘Black Label‘ by Laan Tulips will be available at the auction-house.

With ‘Black Label‘ we offer you and your clients a high level of reliability in quality tulips.

With tulips Black Label you stand out from the rest of the market in a clear and transparent way. When your customers demand the highest quality, Black Label is your perfect answer.

Black Label will be available at FloraHolland locations: Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg.

Black Label is: pre-treated with Chrysal BVB Plus

All Black Label tulips are pre-treated with Chrysal BVB Plus. This has the following advantages:

  •      Extends the vase life by an average of 30% compared with water.
  •      Reduces stem thrust and bending stem with tulips.
  •      Constant stem length in mixed bouquets (no outgrowth bouquet).
  •      Keeps leaves firm and green and prevents leaf yellowing.
  •      Improves flower and stem quality.
  •      Less crooked grow in dry transport.
  •      Prolonged distribution and sales period possible. Less downtime.
The effect of Chrysal BVB Plus on tulips:

Black Label is: packed with care

Black Label is: MPS A certified

In modern society, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Not just for selling your products, but also for the image of the individual companies and the industry.

MPS is the leading global standard for sustainability in the horticultural sector. All Black Label tulips are MPS A certified. This means that the cultivation of our bulbs and forcing our tulips proceeds in a sustainable manner. Your customers can enjoy the Black Label tulips in a sustainable way.

 For more background information about the MPS A certificate please have a look here: