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International tulip bulbs nursery

Laan Tulips grows both for its own flower nursery and for the trade. The vast majority is grown in the Flevopolder, we also have contracts for our tulip bulbs in Zeeland, southern France and New Zealand

Since 2015 our land breakdown is as follows:

Flevopolder: 42ha
New Zealand: 10ha
Zeeland: 2ha
Southern France: 1ha
Total: 55ha

By growing bulbs in the southern hemisphere we can lengthen the tulip season for our own and our clients flower nursery considerably.

Just as in our flower nursery we also aspire reliability in quality in our bulb nursery. Our years of experience, and with the help of investments in the latest technology, we can continue to make this promise.

Are you interested in any of our varieties please contact one of our intercessors for our current offer:

Tulip Bulbs processing


New Zealand

Southern France