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Did you know that Tulipa Casablanca is in our assortment for 38 years already? Casablanca is a a true classic that we still love to see in our greenhouse.

In 1978 former owner Theo Laan acquired a handful of Casablanca bulbs from Simon Visser from Bovenkarspel.

Quote of Theo Laan:

“Simon Visser from Bovenkarspel grew Casablanca on the same parcel of land in the Beemster as we did. When he was finished with harvesting his bulbs I picked the last bulbs that were left behind from the field and asked Simon whether I could keep them for my children. At that time it was an exclusive and much promising species. Simon gave me permission to bring the bulbs home and wished my children a lot of luck with it. Eventually my children were both able to purchase their driver’s license with the profit they made with these bulbs.”

This hand of bulbs grew into a big collection which  is still used each year by Laan Tulips  for the production of cut flowers.

With a weight of 40 grams and a length of 40cm Casablanca is available this week in Black Label at the Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg auction and are for sale at Floramondo.